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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Beverly Nye who was born in New York on May 29, 1942 and passed away on January 23, 2005 at the age of 62. S he will be remembered for the love she gave to all who new her. she was a loving wife to here husband ron and a loving mother to her sons Shawn , timmy and donnie.  plus a very love grandma to her grand kids. Sara, Blayne, Emma, Blair  and bradan. Also a loving sister to her sisters  Debbie and Sherry and her brother Dick  Plus a loving Mother in law. to her daughter in laws Jennifer and MeLisa . Bev also had a little girl named Alexa  who she adopted as her  grand daughter even though  she really wasnt but alexa had a special place in her heart  so she became one of the family. She would always make u laugh and had a warm  kind heart to all who new her. even to the one who didnt know her. she was loved by all. she would always tell u she loved u and she reallly did. She was a very spirited person she loved god with all her heart and soul. she loved life and made the best of it whether it was good or bad she made it work. she will be missed by all . I know she is with god and singing praises to all.
Tributes and Condolences
I miss u mom   / Tim Nye (son)
mom  i miss u soo much i think about u every hour of every day u were my best friend  . i could call on u for  kind world ideas and just for a chat . i feel lost with out u.  I love u mom
Beverly's Sunshine Helped Me Raise My Family   / Tere Figueras (A fan )
As a young stay-at-home mom in the early 80s, I relied on Beverly's "sunshine" on a cable show which I cannot remember (Pam and Peggy, the Sidetracked Home Executive sisters also had a home organizing segment on it), and from her books. To...  Continue >>
Grandma.. i miss you   / Alexa O'Dea (Grandaughter)

I miss you soo much.. i was thinking the other night.. that you are not going to be there when i graduate from high school (which is going to be in a while but still) and i really miss those calls of you singing me happy birt...  Continue >>
grandma  / Alexa O'Dea (grandaughter)
grandma i miss you sooo much! from today it has been 1 year since you passed away! grandma i am sooo sad and i wore your locket that grandpa gave me! grandma i love you with all my heart and i will love you FOREVER!
Dear Bev  / Mo Stockbauer (Alexa's friend)
I have heard so much about you from Alexa and everythign was good! I know she misses you so much and sometimes when she calls me crying because she misses you so much I cry too. I reall wanted to meet you, but maybe you will see me in hevan when...  Continue >>
grandma / Alexa O'Dea (Grandaughter)    Read >>
missing our talks / Debbie (sister)    Read >>
A Memorial for Beverly / Unknown     Read >>
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Her legacy
who bev was  
 beverly was  a kind hearted person  know matter who u were she would except u  for u and not for who  or what u  were and helped u in anyway possible if she could. bev was a very loving person to all she would meet  whether she knew u or not.  she would remember u on birthdays with a phone call. singing u happy birthday,  she had a loving smile that  u knew u were loved by here. she made u an equal to here and made u feel special. she had a spirit about her the let u know  that she had god on her side. and it was seen through her by the way she lived and her actions in life, she would always put others before herself, she was a babysitter for many years  and the kids she took care of would call her grandma not the baby sitter  , and they still call her grandma still today even though they are grown up and not being watch by her,
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